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01 Oct 2016

Fourth Promotion of Female Students at Qatar Nanny Training Academy (QNTA)

For the fourth consecutive year, QNTA continues to enrol female students from different Islamic and Arab countries in its qualification program which allows them to work as professional nannies in the Qatari families’ houses. The female students of the fourth promotion arrived in the academy’s headquarters over the last two days. They will start their academic year on Sunday 25 September by attending the Orientation Week event, which aims to help them cope with the educational environment and learn about their rights and obligations.

During this week, QNTA will provide information to its female students about the academic curricula, the current policies and laws, the academic staff, and all academic and housing buildings and facilities. This information session is designed to consolidate the feeling of security among students and encourage them to focus confidently and actively on their studies, while being fully convinced of the need to complete their study program successfully.

The Orientation event lasts one full week, from 25 to 29 September, and it’s activities will be held during the regular teaching hours, from 8am to 2pm, in QNTA’s buildings.