Recruit a Nanny

Pick / write the most convenient answer
How many children do you have below the age of 12 years?
Are you employed? I am employed I am not employed
Do you have a nanny / housemaid in the house? (Nanny / Housemaid) Caretaker Housemaid
How many Nannies / Housemaids do you have to look after the children?
Does the Nanny work as part time? Yes No
Is the nanny involved in raising the children? Yes No
Is the nanny involved in cleaning / cooking / other house duties? Yes No
Does the nanny assist your children in their assignments/ homework? Yes No
Is there a private room for the nanny? Yes No
The house wife needs help in raising her children; can we know which statement is the most convenient to you in house management? I strictly disagree I disagree I agree I strictly agree No answer
Housemaids should involve in house duties only like cleaning and laundry
Nannies do not play an important role in educating and raising the children
The children and the nanny should not be emotionally attached
It is possible that nannies can affect the children
Fathers and mothers are responsible for educating their children, nannies should only help them in house works
Nannies who speak Arabic are preferred so that they can communicate with the children
Nannies who speak English are preferred so they can improve the children’s language
Nannies who don’t speak Arabic are recommended so they don’t understand our internal affairs
Raising children is very important. We don’t accept anyone to be part of educating and raising the children
How important are the following statements to you Very important Important Not important No answer
Hiring a Muslim and Arabic speaker nanny
Dealing with a credible (employment/recruitment) office even for a higher cost
Permitting the nanny to help the mother in raising the children
It is possible to send my nanny for training at a specialized academy for children to enhance her performance
Average monthly income for the family Less than 50,000 Between 50,000 and 100,000 More than 100,000
How much do you think should be paid to train a nanny? Less than 5,000 Between 5,000 and 10,000 More than 10,000
Determine what you like / dislike from the list below: I strongly dislike I dislike I like I strongly like No answer
The nanny should be Arabic and Muslim
Nannies should be hired through authorized recruitment offices
Its preferred to hire a part time nanny
The nanny should be capable to help us raise our children
The nanny should teach the child ethics, discipline, how to play, study under the mother’s supervision
The nanny is responsible for cleanliness, feeding and first aid under the mother’s supervision
Raising the children should be based on Qatari and Islamic culture to avoid losing our national identity
The nanny is an employee on duty for certain hours of the day and is entitled for a weekly holiday and an annual vacation. She will be sponsored by the family


“The Academy offered me a world class learning experience, and I’m very excited to share that I’ve already begun working for a Qatari family” Omayat Mohamed Sindu, from The Comoros, and Class of 2014 graduate.

- Omayat Mohamed Sindu