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Qatar Nanny Training Academy hosts Graduation Ceremony to Honour First Class of Students.

18 Dec 2014

Qatar Nanny Training Academy organized an event to celebrate Qatar’s National Day

On the occasion of Qatar’s National Day, The Qatar Nanny Training Academy organized an event on the academy premises to celebrate and engage students on the day.

The event was attended by the Academy’s students, who participated in several activities like poem recitals celebrating Qatar, as well as partaking in competitions to test their knowledge of the Qatari heritage.

The event included a number of additional activities such as folkloric performances from the Republic of the Comoros and the Republic of Djibouti. In addition to this, students enjoyed several traditional Qatari dishes, in an attempt to familiarize the students with the local cuisine. Students also decorated their hands with beautiful henna drawings and special souvenirs were distributed on this occasion.