About QNTA

Introducing Qatar Nanny Training Academy (QNTA)

QNTA provides high-quality training to Muslim Arabic-speaking nannies that have the capacity to teach Islamic values. Our training programs focus on comprehensive childcare, enabling graduates to ensure the optimal physical and mental development of the child under their care. Moreover, since the nannies have a similar religious and cultural background, they would ensure that the child grows up in an environment based on Islamic values.

QNTA is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. Its aim is to enrich the lives of Arab Muslim families by providing training and academic support to Arabic-speaking nannies to teach and promote Islamic values at homes, which falls under the general aim of Qatar Foundation to help foster a developed society in Qatar, while enhancing the cultural landscape and protecting Qatar’s heritage.


“The Academy offered me a world class learning experience, and I’m very excited to share that I’ve already begun working for a Qatari family” Omayat Mohamed Sindu, from The Comoros, and Class of 2014 graduate.

- Omayat Mohamed Sindu