I’ve heard wonderful things about QNTA, and my nanny, Khadija, is amazing. I chose her because she speaks Arabic fluently and can read the Holy Qur’an with Tajweed. She helped me raise my children by meeting their needs, developing their skills, and encouraging recycling at home. Khadija, my son’s nanny, helped him develop his abilities and Arabic writing skills. I appreciate her sincerity and everything she has done for my children, and I appreciate QNTA management for the high quality of its graduates’ training.

Shuaa Al Emadi (Mother)

Saada Mohammed (Nanny): I sincerely thank the Qatar Nanny Training Academy for its wonderful efforts. The idea of the Academy is great. It applies all the high standards of child education and training of nannies. It is the only qualifying body providing this service in Qatar. I have not found a place in the world that provides this service, and I am very confident in our nanny who graduated from this Academy.

I would also like to thank the Academy for its outstanding and exceptional service in terms of excellent communication and dealing with the families, because other companies do not provide such academic services of communication, attention, problem solving, and advice.

One of the very important features of hiring a nanny from this Academy is that the child will retain the Arabic language and Islamic culture. The nanny always communicates with the child in Arabic and she has an idea about the customs and traditions of the Qatari families. May Allah rewards the Academy all the best for this valuable service! We wish you all success.

Sheikha Alia Al Thani (Mother)

Bushra Thabet (Nanny): My experience with the Qatar Nanny Training Academy is successful by all accounts.

I would like to thank the officials in charge of this initiative for the professional level they equip their nannies with, and for the management’s effective communication and continued support to the families and the nannies.

Rawda Mubarak Al- Mannai (Mother)

Aisha Mohammed Omar (Nanny, Graduate of the Academy- Fourth Batch): I would like to thank the Qatar Nanny Training Academy for helping me choose the right nanny suitable to my family needs.

Aisha is no longer just a nanny for our kid; she has become my sister because I really benefit a lot from her in dealing with my daughter appropriately.

Aisha has conveyed the Islamic and moral values that she learned in the Academy to my house. Therefore, my house abounds more now with the lofty principles of Islamic Shari’a and high values of Qatari culture.

I believe that the role and objectives of the Academy are not limited to training nannies. Its message, rather, is beyond that. The Academy aims to educate the future generation the principles of Islamic Shari’a, the authentic Arab values and the Qatari identity that we cherish. My experience with nanny Aisha is the most significant reflection of the Academy’s noble mission.

Naifah Al Henzab (Mother)

Nanny Najah helped my daughter’s personality develop by understanding her needs and implementing age-appropriate strategies.
Nanny Najah, on the other hand, always goes down to her age level, emotionally supports her, engages her in activities that are appropriate for her abilities, and develops a simplified program to review what she has memorized from the Holy Quran.
I appreciate QNTA’s nanny selection and wish them continued success.

Amna Al Shaibi (Mother)

I chose the academy’s nanny Mahdo for her experience with children, proficiency in the Arabic language, and knowledge of security and safety roles. She is adaptable, organized, and respectful of Qatari traditions. She encourages my daughter to read and recite the Holy Quran on a daily basis, and I have noticed her Arabic improving. I am grateful for the nanny’s assistance, and I wish the Academy continued success in graduating qualified nannies.

Maha Al-Ali (Mother)

I found this lecture to be very beneficial and valuable.
it highlighted basic and essential things we come across every day, and which we may not understand and therefore do not master how to deal with them as parents.
What I liked the most was familiarizing our children with values like honesty and gratitude through simple daily routines and practices, as well as guiding children how to deal with negative feelings.
The personal compass was the focal point of the workshop, through which I was able to understand the personality of each of my children, and this, I think, will help me understand the motives of their actions, how to deal with them, and accept them better.
I can’t express how grateful I am to have attended this lecture, and I will surely be waiting for more to come!

Roufaida Al Othman (Mother)

I am a student at the sixth batch of the Qatar Nannies Training Academy. I have joined the Academy in order to develop my skills and my life experience in methods of childcare for the Qatari children.

I have learned the importance of raising the children to be active, creative and productive for their society. Therefore, we teach them the values, trends and skills necessary to achieve this goal. It is very important to enhance and develop these values, trends and skills in line with the age and readiness of the child, and to know how to organize, manage and dedicate the child’s capabilities to achieve the educational purposes. We aim at preparing the child for a social life based on respect and cooperation with others, and diversifying and improving their skills through the activities that they practice at home. It is very important to train the child on music and literature by singing and painting.

I am very excited to work in a Qatari house to apply what I have learned on children through the activities that I will do for developing their language level by training them on self-expression and vocabulary increasing. I will teach children the religious values and enhance their pride in their national heritage, customs and traditions that constitute the Qatari identity.

Nusseibeh Qassem Mohammed
(Nanny, Student at the Academy- Sixth Batch)

I was very pleased to participate in this lecture, it helped me understand the ability of children to adapt and control themselves. The lecture echoed major lessons we had learned at the Academy and which have great impact on shaping the personality of children. I hope to attend similar future lectures.


Ilham Hassan (QNTA Nanny 4th batch graduate)

Before joining the Qatar Nanny Training Academy, I did not have a clear aim in my life until Allah guided me to join it. I started the journey of education and training where I discovered a lot of my abilities and talents, of which I was unaware. I learned many skills and gained a lot of knowledge, and started to apply what I learned to myself before applying it to children.

I am still at the beginning of my journey and have a lot to learn. However, what is most important for me is that my aim is clear to me now. Praise be to Allah, and thanks to the Academy. I pray to Allah to render me the capability to leave a positive impact on every family I will work for.

Farida Nageh
(Nanny, Graduate of the Academy- Fourth Batch)

The lecture was very rich in content, I benefited from it a lot, and I hope to attend other lectures in this field.

Elham Ismail (QNTA Nanny, 7th batch graduate)

The Academy offered me a world class learning experience, and I’m very excited to share that I’ve already begun working for a Qatari family” Omayat Mohamed Sindu, from The Comoros, and Class of 2014 graduate.

Omayat Mohamed Sindu

The lecture was useful, practical and exciting, it corrected my misconceptions about raising children and guided my attention to something crucial which is how my children are affected by my self-expression, my feelings and attitudes whether positive or negative, so I decided to pay attention to all my actions and statements and behavior especially in front of them and with them.

Amina Suleiman Abu Nahia (Mother)

Fatima Abdullah Yusuf (Nanny, Graduate of the Academy- Fourth Batch): Praise be to Allah for having such a successful project in Qatar. I am very happy with our nanny. She is very conversant with Qatari customs and traditions and is fully aware of everything related to child education on scientific and organizational grounds. This is evidently seen in her dealing with my daughter. I benefit from her considerably. She applies everything she learned in the Academy, and even sometimes corrects some of my attitudes or information for the proper dealing with my children. I also noticed that the training of nannies at the Academy is very impressive, as the Academy focuses on training the nannies on very specific details.

The nanny is very conversant with everything about the child to grow properly, and this relieves a lot of the burden on the parents. The presence of the nanny in the house is a wonderful addition because she speaks in Arabic with my children to maintain their mother tongue. Speaking in Arabic with the kids is a wonderful opportunity for the families not available anywhere in Qatar. As a mother, I would advise all families to hire a nanny from the Academy and benefit from this well-educated group. The nannies from the Academy are quite aware of all the information relevant to children and they enjoy high morals and honesty. My people always wonder and ask me about the hiring agency from which I hired my wonderful nanny! Praise be to Allah!

M.S. (Mother)

The lecture was very beneficial and practical, and I liked it a lot despite its length.

Noor Bakri(Mother)

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