QNTA provides high-quality training to Muslim Arabic-speaking nannies that have the capacity to teach Islamic values. Our training programs focus on comprehensive childcare, enabling graduates to ensure the optimal physical and mental development of the child under their care. Moreover, since the nannies have a similar religious and cultural background, they would ensure that the child grows up in an environment based on Islamic values.

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Our society has been founded upon religious and cultural values and traditions that parents have been teaching to children since birth. Due to the fast pace and time-consuming daily tasks of our modern-day lives, a need for qualified nannies – who abide by Arab and Islamic values and enjoy educating and taking care of children – has arisen in order to help the parents carry out their sacred mission to build the future generations on sound bases.

To guarantee the training of Muslim nannies on the best ways to look after children, Qatar Nanny Training Academy (QNTA) has been founded to train Arabic-speaking nannies capable of teaching Islamic values to children and providing them with the best possible care

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Training Program for Mothers, Nannies or Community Caregivers

This program is an integrated training program which deals with the most important subjects for nannies, mothers and specialists in the field of child rearing and care. Through this training program, you will gain important knowledge in the following areas:

  • Child safety and well-being
  • Health and nutrition
  • Stages and aspects of growth
  • Tailored workshops on the matters of children with special needs, and how to take care of them

Our programs aim to serve the local community in general and the Qatari children in particular. This is by promoting awareness among mothers, nannies or caregivers; both within the family and the school settings, and developing their skills in dealing with and communicating with children to ensure a proper upbringing of a generation enabled to cope with and continue the cultural renaissance and urbanization booming in Qatar through a genuine dependence on the principles and values of Islam, Qatari cultural foundations and history, and fostering the Qatari identity.

Each workshop lasts from two to six hours, depending on its content.

Workshops are offered in Arabic and English by the female teachers of the Academy who are qualified and experienced in teaching children’s subjects.

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Cooperation with Qatar Nanny Training Academy (QNTA)

QNTA seeks to expand offering its training opportunities regionally and internationally by communicating and cooperating with governmental institutions, centers and sectors in other countries. It welcomes any requests of interest to sign joint agreements with the sectors in charge of the process of having female candidates join the Academy’s program.

QNTA invites all regional and international sectors, which share the same vision with the Academy, to communicate with it in order to explore future cooperation opportunities.

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+974 4454 7351 
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Through QNTA you can choose a nanny from the Academy and then sign a contract directly with her.

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