01 FEB 2024

Puppetry Workshop Sparks Creativity at QNTA

In an effort to actively engage in training processes and foster creative learning, Qatar nannie training Academy organized a unique workshop titled “Puppet Making for Educational Puppet Theater.” This artistic endeavor brought forth numerous surprises and positive outcomes.

The workshop stood out by actively embracing the concepts of sustainability and creativity through the recycling of fabrics and old socks to create diverse and unique puppet designs. Led by Arabic language and Islamic studies teacher, Mrs.Ghada Ghasoub.

, the workshop focused on enhancing communication skills, craftsmanship, and creativity among nannies.

The innovative puppets crafted during the workshop were utilized to stage valuable plays for children, scripted by the nannies themselves, fostering effective communication and sustained interaction with the children. This creative effort is expected to positively impact nannies’ interactions with children, especially within Qatari households.

Puppet theater plays an effective role in stimulating children’s imagination and promoting interactive learning. Through puppetry, various values are reinforced, and meaningful ideas are conveyed in an engaging and entertaining manner, contributing to the delivery of purposeful messages in innovative ways.

Going beyond artistic expression and fun, this creative experience helped build self-confidence and fostered positive relationships among the participants. This fruitful opportunity proved to be unique in expanding imaginative horizons and enhancing positive interaction among all workshop participants.


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