19 SEP 2019


Since its inception, Qatar Nanny Training Academy has sought to diversify its sources of recruitment in order to select the best applicants from different nationalities to train and graduate them as qualified nannies who are capable of raising the children and providing the best services to Qatari families and the local community.

The Academy recently welcomed the seventh batch of students who were recruited from the Comoros and the Federal Republic of Tanzania. QNTA provided them with an intensive introductory program that explains the aspects of the Academy, its laws and facilities. This step, as a matter of fact, helps to bring a faster integration for the expatriate nanny in the new educational environment and enables her achieve stability and make achievement.

The introductory program included:

  • Meeting with the Managing Director of QNTA;
  • Introducing the joining students to the various facilities of the Academy such as the classrooms, health club, residential villas and administrative headquarters;
  • Offering short workshops to introduce the Academy’s policies and diverse curriculum.

Ms. Hessa Al Mansoori, Managing Director of the Academy, expressed her optimism about this new batch, which is considered as the largest in the history of the Academy where the number of students enrolled reached 45 female students. She also stressed on her support for them to move forward in the road of success like their fellow graduates.

In addition, QNTA’s Academic Director Ms. Ghaniyah Al-Saboubi introduced the students to the academic and supervisory staff and urged them to do their utmost to achieve the best results aspired by QNTA.

The newly joining students welcomed with pleasure their residence in Qatar and enrollment in the Academy’s program. They expressed their readiness to meet the requirements of the academic program in order to achieve the desired success by QNTA, and to be qualified nannies in the community.

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+974 4454 7351 
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How to recruit a qnta nanny?

Through QNTA you can choose a nanny from the Academy and then sign a contract directly with her.

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