17 NOV 2016

Qatar Nanny Training Academy Visits International IKEA Company as Part of its First Practical Training for its Students

Qatar Nanny Training Academy (QNTA) has launched an initiative to choose particular leading companies and foster community cooperation with them in order to serve the objectives of the teaching process and links it to real-life situations.

This initiative is part of QNTA’s continued effort to cooperate with community corporations and large companies, strengthen the learning process through real-life experience, and help its students consolidate their theoretical knowledge through practical applications.

The fruitful cooperation with international IKEA company, specializing in furniture making, took place in this framework. IKEA welcomed the cooperation with QNTA, which aims to strengthen the curricula offered to the Academy’s students with hand-on training on how to choose and arrange children’s rooms.

In order to implement this initiative, Ms. Tasnim Az-Zir, teacher of the subject of “Newborn Care”, coordinated with IKEA to arrange the first field visit of QNTA’s students, for them to receive practical training in IKEA stores. This particular training enriches and consolidates the knowledge learned in classrooms about the child’s environment and needs in real-life situations.

On site, the students toured the different sections of IKEA, along with their teachers, to learn about the furniture that is suitable for a child, the surface area of a child’s room, and the accessories accompanying the furniture. They also learned about the means to securely arrange child space, while providing different components to support the development of the child in all fields. They also learned about the importance of choosing suitable toys for each age group of children and suitable places where such toys can be used.

In addition, the students took note of the appropriate food utensils for the different stages of early childhood. They also learned about the safety tools that should be used in the child’s environment in order to enhance the child’s security and safety at this early stage of life, which is characterized by the desire of exploration and curiosity.

The students wrote down several ideas and remarks that they are planning to discuss with their teachers and colleagues in QNTA’s classrooms. At the end of the tour, QNTA’s team expressed their thanks and appreciation to IKEA’s team members for their cooperation and for hosting this first training visit. In turn, IKEA’s team members praised QNTA’s positive initiative, which has opened for them the doors of cooperation with companies offering noble human services for the benefit of the Qatari community.

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