13 OCT 2017

Qatar Nanny Training Academy Welcomes Its Fifth Batch of Nannies

Qatar Nany Training Academy (QNTA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), has announced that it welcomed the fifth batch of female students to join its childcare training program, following the remarkable success achieved by the academy in graduating qualified nannies to work in Qatari families’ houses.

This year’s enrollment to QNTA marks the result of accurate researches and fruitful cooperation with the Qatari authorities concerned such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior, which led to attracting students from new Arab countries and new Islamic provinces like the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Kingdom of Thailand.

It is worth mentioning that, as working under QF’s community development sector, QNTA seeks to achieve the aim of Qatar Foundation by helping foster a developed society in Qatar, and to enhance the cultural scene and protect Qatar’s heritage.

In order to achieve the noble objectives of QF, especially by the community development sector, QNTA works to introduce the nannies to the values and importance of Qatar’s heritage in identifying the inherited Qatari customs and traditions.
In addition, the training program includes specialized courses in all childcare aspects such as healthcare, first aid, nutrition, hygiene, education, and the Arab and Islamic cultural studies.

QNTA also provides high-quality facilities to its enrolled students; including accommodation, a health club, a training center and fully equipped classrooms.
On this occasion, QNTA’s Genaral Director Ms. Hessa Al-Mansoori expressed her satisfaction with the positive impact she noticed concerning the Qatari families recruiting nannies. She expressed her optimism for making more future achievements by diversifying the nationalities of nannies and having nannies from new countries with university qualifications, which will steadily improve QNTA’s annual performance.
From a similar perspective, QNTA’s Academic Director Ms. Ghaniyah Al-Saboubi commented that “QNTA contributes to the development of the knowledge-based economy by providing services, education and training in the field of childcare. As we are keen to preserve the national identity of the Arab and Islamic countries, receiving the fifth batch of students is considered a great achievement and an important step towards achieving QNTA’s vision.”

It is noteworthy that families have already recruited the fourth batch of female graduates across Qatar. Rifaah Yusuf, one of the female graduates, expressed her gratitude for such an opportunity provided by QNTA, stressing on the fact that “the academy has completely met my expectations for the valuable information on how to self-prepare a nanny in terms of personality and dealing with others. This is in addition to providing the nanny with the integrated methods of developing children physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially, and how to get children prepared for the future. QNTA also trains nannies on how to deal with childhood in all stages, and to understand changes in kids’ moods, and how to manage a child’s life whether in conditions of good health or sickness. I had no difficulties in dealing with the family, as I strictly follow the QNTA’s instructions which help the nanny to reach the highest career performance at the present time and in the future since she is a professional nanny now and will be a leader tomorrow in charge of raising the future generations.”

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