31 OCT 2019

QNTA Offers Home and Traffic Safety Training to Its Nannies

In light of Qatar Nannies Training Academy’s keenness to educate female students of the seventh batch through a series of awareness programs, the efforts of the Academy have joined forces with the Department of Health, Safety, Security and Environment in  Qatar Foundation for an in-depth program on fire protection, home safety and road safety topics. The program took place at the Academy building on October 27 and 28, 2019. The program offered the latest research results, statistics and resources available, as well as a number of practical applications and field exercises on how to put out home fires.

The active participation shown by students reflected their awareness of what measures they should take to preserve the safety of children in the event of a fire in the house, or in the case of a traffic accident; by following smart and thoughtful steps and procedures aimed at contributing to saving lives and avoiding fatalities.

The program also focused, both theoretically and practically, on motivating the students to play their role as soon as they start working as nannies at homes to educate children about safety issues and to prevent risks by involving them in acting educational plays, in addition to telling educational stories in amusing ways, and training them on safety procedures through games whenever the opportunity arises.

The participants were also assured of the necessity to follow an effective plan in cooperation with the family to prevent home fires, and to periodically check the safety of fire alarms, in addition to the need for the family to provide a first aid kit as soon as the nanny begins her work.

In the same context, a film on traffic accidents was played to the participants. It contributed to increasing the awareness of the students about the importance of their role in getting the young child to sit in the car with a seatbelt on; and to make sure other children are also with seatbelts on, as was emphasized in the health and safety lessons.

In conclusion and based on the Academy’s keenness to provide a helping hand and support to families to ensure the safety of their children; and to provide ways to support their integrated growth in a safe environment based on integrated parental care, the offered training stressed on the importance of having the nannies train the housemaids at homes and inform them of the necessary information and important steps that may contribute to protecting and saving everyone in the home, especially children, as they are our hope and fortune for a better future.



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