15 NOV 2020

QNTA Testimonials: Pandemic-time Success Stories and Challenges

QNTA graduates had successful stories in working with dedication to support children psychologically and mentally in order to overcome the health crisis of COVID-19, adapt to the anxiety of home quarantine imposed by the spread of this pandemic, and help some of them in the smooth transition from school classroom to distance learning to ensure their education goes uninterrupted. They have not shown any hesitation to provide the kids under their care with the continuous support needed to achieve further success.

Below are some stories of a group of promising, hard-working and inspiring nannies, highlighting the challenges they faced with children with unprecedented success.

Shamimi Lati  

Strong experiences of a loving child-care career: Caring with love and unlimited sense of giving!


I spent my most beautiful days with the child who was assigned to me to take care of, so I was keen to apply the best methods for the integration of all her growth aspects, and to maintain her health and protect her from illness during the period of home quarantine, by following the methods of healthy and proper nutrition, and applying activities appropriate to her age; as joy and pleasure overwhelmed her small heart and the hearts of other beautiful girls around her.

Support and shared responsibility

I shared with my co-worker, who graduated with me from the Academy, the responsibility of supporting older children; especially during their transition to distance learning. It was mostly the responsibility of helping them memorize the verses of the Holy Qur’an, which was intensified during the period of home quarantine in order to better benefit from time; while protecting them from the pandemic. I also had a role in following up with them during distance learning periods, in addition to supervising their homework of Arabic language; which required me to do it with a sense of creativity.

Creative and artwork activities

I was keen to diversify activities with children to provide them with entertainment that breaks the monotonous times of staying at home. I helped them practice creative writing, handcrafts, and fine arts such as painting. I also made sure to offer them free play times in order to develop their interaction skills and employ their energy in a positive way; under my follow-up and supervision.

Challenges and achievements

The most prominent challenge of the period of home quarantine is the irregular sleep time of the children, which has had an impact on their ability to have their meals on time. We, therefore, adopted a special time system to organize their main meals and snacks in accordance with the adjustments to their sleep routine, in order to maintain their proper growth and prevent them from illness. Praise be to Allah we have succeeded in that, and we ask Allah for help to continue the fruitful work.

A rich experience

I have spent years in Qatar with my big family in the Academy which provided me with methods and strategies to deal with children, meet their needs in the best way, and how to prepare their living environment and surroundings with regard to safety conditions; in addition to the art of effective communication. QNTA also supported me with direct field training with children of all ages, which earned me self-confidence, support in building my caring profession, and was a huge source of knowledge, experiences and skills, some of which I adopted directly with children and adults around me at home.

Appreciation and acknowledgment

A letter of thanks and appreciation acknowledging my hard work: I am so happy for this kind letter, and I wish life will bring me together with you my beautiful family; and please accept my gratitude and my country’s thanks to you across the miles.








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